Value Investing on Sport - OddsInvest Trading Ltd

About Us

What we do?

We use the principles of Value Investing to bet on sporting events. Long-term profits are generated by finding ‘value’ investment opportunities, and through efficient management of long term positions. We invest our own money as well as building and managing client portfolios. ‘Value’ is available where the actual return (the bookmakers’ odds) are greater than the expected return (our odds). Our main focus is on the Asian Handicap and Over/Under markets for European club football matches, which we bet both pre-game and in-play. We are actively looking to expand our operation to new sports and markets.

How we do it?

We have built a top class team of experienced traders. And we have invested in sourcing the very best information, data, and technology platforms to work on. We use cutting edge statistical research and quantitative sports models. Using the intelligence these provide, together with our qualitative analysis, knowledge and experience of the betting markets, we set our own prices on sports events like football matches. These prices form the basis of our trading strategy, which we execute using bespoke automated bet trading software.